Involve has conducted a review of the 2018 annual reports of FTSE100 companies and found that 35% of them do not mention LGBT+ issues and actions.

This seems quite strange as diversity and inclusion issues are certainly "hot topics" in business, as much as in social media, the news, schools, wellbeing programmes etc. However, this is an improved statistic; down from 47% in 2014.  Even more broadly speaking, the fact that there has been a study on this , and the results considered newsworthy, demonstrates how far we have come in a reasonably short space of time.

However, it also demonstrates how far there is still to go.  Are these businesses simply completing their annual reports in a box-ticking / boilerplate fashion or do they not understand the benefits of creating an inclusive environment, and advertising the fact?

HR Directors and Managers need to be encouraging Boards to recognise that diversity and inclusion is ingrained in every aspect of a company's operations, which includes how it presents itself to the public; in its annual report, as much as visibly flying the flag for Pride.