A French company has been held liable for the death of an employee who died from a heart attack after having sex while on a business trip.  The Paris Court of Appeal determined that he had suffered a "work accident" following his death at night in the home of a woman that he had just met and with whom he had extramarital sex. 

The court's ruling may appear rather disturbing at first glance.

The company argued that the employee's death resulted from his personal choice to have sex, and therefore was not connected with his work.  However, the court did not accept this reasoning and held that any accident whilst on a work trip is deemed to have a professional link.  In line with other French cases, the only exception is if the employee suffers the accident while doing something that is not a "daily life activity".  

So, just like a burn in the shower or  falling over in a nightclub at 3am, sex-related injuries can also be considered work-related for French work accident compensation purposes.