Many of us will have now become familiar with having to check twice for a Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat cyclist in London whenever crossing the road. This proliferation has been fueled by a takeaway market that continues to be driven by the transformational power of technology that has opened up new opportunities for companies few of us had heard of (or had even existed) a decade or so ago.  As concludes its acquisition of Just Eat we have been given a stark reminder of just how far some of these companies have come as they ride the wave of the tech revolution. If there is one lesson to be learnt, it is that all companies in the food sector should be embracing the transformational power of technology to drive growth. The implementation of self-service kiosks, digital order and pay solutions and the power of AI (e.g. through the use of customer serving AI Chatbots) will be key factors in improving the customer journey and standing out from competition.