Industry insiders often praise the virtues of modern methods of construction (MMC) in the housebuilding industry but only a small proportion of homes every year are built using it. A new research study into MMC by Homes England could change this and see many more homes built using 21st century construction methods.

MMC includes various methods of offsite manufacturing and onsite assembly; including modular construction and closed-panel timber-frame systems. The study will investigate what cost savings can be made, address the impact on the skill sets needed by construction workers and measure how ‘green’ MMC is compared to traditional methods of construction.

Homes England’s substantial landholding across the country, coupled with its commitment to discovering just how large an impact MMC could have on house building, potentially unlocks new opportunities. Delivery is often cited as a criticism of MMC but the more this study can unearth about its potential efficiency in respect of time and costs the more likely this could lead to the injection of investment needed to see a much higher proportion of homes being built using it.

This certainly feels like the first steps towards unlocking the potential MMC has to offer home builders and home buyers!