One to keep an eye on. Over the course of the last year firms such as Getir, Gorillas and now Gopuff have appeared on our shores, offering to deliver groceries within as little as 10 minutes. As the pandemic has hit the viability of multiple high street stores we've seen more and more space become available - and that is space that these companies will be looking to snap up.

So-called "dark stores" are effectively mini-fulfilment centres - not open to the public and stocked with the goods that the delivery company will then sell to the end user. A combination of price mark-up and delivery charges makes them their money.

In order to maximise their market each company needs scale and for that they need stores. With some serious backing (Gorillas raised $44m funding last year, Gopuff confirmed a $1bn fund raise this summer), there is the money available to snap stores up across the country as existing tenants pull out of bricks and mortar retail. Expect to see more and more former high street stores shutter their doors permanently to be replaced by dark stores in the coming months.