Alim Khamis, Head of Charles Russell Speechlys LLP’s Qatar office, hosted a seminar on 16 May 2023 in conjunction with the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDRC).  The seminar addressed the advantages and disadvantages of mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution.

In recent years, Qatar has taken steps to promote dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation, which often results in significant cost and time.  

Mediation is not only less costly and time-consuming, but it also enables parties to retain a measure of control over the process as well as the outcome. In some cases, mediation also allows for parties to retain an ongoing business relationship without animosity or long-term damage.

Unlike a judge, a mediator is not a decision-maker; they require the parties’ input to reach an amicable settlement. The mediator is responsible for facilitating an open and candid discussion between the parties with a view to achieving a settlement.

Meditations are conducted in private and are confidential.  Should the parties fail to achieve a settlement, they are able to proceed to litigation or arbitration depending on the terms set out in their contract.