Exciting to read in @RetailWeek that Roger Wade, the founder of Boxpark, is in discussions about the huge Whitgift redevelopment in Croydon.  Boxpark is a great example of innovative thinking with a changing mix of tenants, fluid concepts and a fresh approach.

The Whitgift development provides an opportunity to put in practice retail newthink - a mixture of experiences, retail, leisure, residential and work spaces creating an integral neighbourhood.  New planning class E (if it survives the appeal due to be heard in October) will help to provide flexibility around commercial uses but it will need forward thinking stakeholders from investors to architects to engineers to lawyers to occupiers to put into practice the concepts.  

With the right people leading the way, this development could show us the shape of things to come putting into practice green technology and ideals and filling space with occupiers benefitting from arrangements that reflect what we have learned about what does not work in old fashioned leasing models.  

I hope with Mr Wade on the scene we are a step closer to this.