In all the buzz about the British Airways fine it has a lot of businesses asking - who's next? 

Well Simon McDougall, the Executive Director for Technology Policy and Innovation at the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has given a pretty explicit hint. Speaking at the Westminster Media Forum about the future of online advertising Mr McDougall signalled the ICO's intention to tackle non-compliance in the AdTech sector. 

Mr McDougall's comments follow an ICO report on on AdTech published last month. The report identified several areas of non-compliance in this sector and warned of an increased focus by the ICO. Businesses in the AdTech sector have been given a six month period to "reflect, review and address" the ICO's concerns.  

All data controllers and processors operating in the AdTech sector should take heed of the ICO's warning and shape up their data protection compliance (ideally, before Christmas!).