As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to be a major concern to the nation, retailers and food and beverage outlets have had to adapt their usual operations and implement creative ways to bring their business to consumers.

Many of these brands took the opportunity and started extending their online operations, by offering their signature products through their newly upgraded online stores, and teaming up with online delivery services. Consumers welcome these trends of a much needed digital transformation as they can enjoy their favourite beverages and snacks from the safety and comfort of their homes. With online shopping gaining further momentum, we might see a wider selection of product on offer, with coffee and restaurant chains venturing out to a range of outlets including supermarket stores. Caffè Nero for example is planning to maintain their delivery offering through UberEats even after their outlets have reopened.

Teaming up with these ever popular online delivery services are new territory for many coffee and restaurant chains.  A particular challenge with delivery is keeping the coffee and food hot and in the same condition as if purchased from the shop. Retailers also have to be aware and understand the number of legal implications they will have to tackle when teaming up with delivery partners. Their job is not only to make sure that the customer receives the same quality service by ordering online. They will also have to ensure that their delivery offering through their new partners is based on clear and carefully laid out collaboration agreements. The protection of the branding and Intellectual Property is also an important factor, so is the protection of their consumer’s data. For a more thorough insight into the implications of the retail and hospitality sector venturing into the online world, you can listen to our Online and Digital Transformation podcast here.

Going forwards it will be interesting to see how consumers adapt to the “new normal”. Whether the re-opening of stores will take a back seat to the ever-convenient delivery alternative, or the two will co-exist in symbiosis. Whatever the future holds for our access to caffeine, in what has been a challenging and bleak year so far, a Caffé Nero coffee delivery service is certainly something to add to the positive list.