Not only has the documentary about the most expensive art theft in U.S. history at the Isabela Stewart Gardner Museum just been released; INTERPOL has launched an app to combat art crime and increase the chances of recovering stolen works and artefacts.

The app grants access to art market participants and the general public to the INTERPOL database of 52,000 stolen works and artefacts, including 13 works lifted from the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum.

Users can instantly check if an object is currently registered as stolen by using the image-recognition software or manually searching the database. In addition, it enables users to create an inventory of collections and report any red flags at their fingertips.

The state of the art app is a stepping stone towards fighting illicit trafficking of cultural property as it allows users to report heritage sites at risk and record the geographical location. As cultural property laws are becoming ever more complex and due diligence procedures onerous, the introduction of the INTERPOL app is welcome and appreciated as it will enhance the way in which art transactions are conducted.