The United Arab Emirates will accede to the Madrid Protocol on December 28, 2021. This is a much awaited and welcome development for both local brand owners and foreign companies interested in growing opportunities in the UAE.

The Madrid System offers a convenient and cost-effective trade mark registration solution for brand owners worldwide, allowing them to apply for trademark protection in up to 124 territories by filing a single international application and paying a single set of fees. While each designation is still subject to examination in each national office, brand owners can use the system to save money and simplify the application process.

Registering a trade mark in the UAE can be costly and complex. For foreign businesses, the UAE’s accession to the Madrid Protocol means they will be able to apply through the Madrid Protocol to obtain trademark registration in the UAE, through a more streamlined, less costly and complex process.

For UAE brand owners, this means they would be able to apply for registration in any of the designated Madrid Union member states through a single application. The advantages of using the Madrid system extend beyond the registration of the trademark; filing a request for the renewal of the registration or the recordal of a change of ownership can also be carried out through a single electronic filing, cost-effectively.