Travelling back from an inspiring couple of days with a client, where its HQ is be-decked with all things Women’s World Cup 2019, I’ve been struck by how close we are to a real tipping point in women's sport. From the years highest TV ratings in the UK for the England v USA semi-final to the announcement that the USA female soccer jersey is the best ever seller on

Combined with the above, the news that the Premier League may take over the running of the Women’s super league in England means we’ve possibly achieved a final frontier; professional female soccer in the UK as a truly commercial proposition. Sponsors are engaged, viewers are enthralled, the usual English soccer disappointment is maintained. As a father who relishes coaching his daughter’s rugby team, and is constantly frustrated by the artificial barriers put in her way, let's hope we maintain this momentum and encourage and support our daughters to achieve (and score) their goals, without any more stereotypical sporting segregation.