A recent study suggests that almost 50% of fathers taking parental leave have experienced discrimination in the workplace.   

Shared parental leave allows two parents, of any gender, to share up to 50 weeks' leave post the birth of a child.  Although this was a fantastic advance in gender equality, the reality is that take up of this right by partners is incredibly low - just 1% of all those eligible.

There's various reasons why, with money being a significant factor.  Obviously this links in to the gender pay gap and the recent, unhelpful case determining that employers do not have to offer the same enhanced maternity pay to men and partners taking shared parental leave due to the "special nature" of pregnancy and childbirth.

But what's truly disappointing about this latest study is the attitude of other men (and women?) towards these fathers.  In 2019 how is it possible that 25% of fathers taking time off to look after their children suffer verbal abuse or mockery?  What is wrong with the employers of 35% of these men who suffered a negative impact on their career after taking parental leave?

Will this help men to understand the issues that have faced women for decades?